échele ganas (Do Your Best): A Life Left Behind

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Photographs by Laurence Salzmann

On one level, échele ganas (Do Your Best): A Life Left Behind is a cultural document of a rural Mexican community, the Sierra Norte of the Puebla region of Mexico. Salzmann, trained as a visual anthropologist, undertakes an exploration of the lives that make up the community, with special attention to how immigration to the States has affected those who family members who remain in Sierra Norte de Puebla as well as those who have left and returned. The photographs capture a sense of Mexican cultural identity, and pride in the community. It shows, too, the ways in which communities are changing, often as a direct result of the financial aid resettled workers are are able to send to their families.

Cover design by Ake Shigimori

Hardcover, 76 pages, full cover, 
With DVD

Published by Blue Flower Press, 2012

ISBN: 978-0-9603924-6-9

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