• Dust & Data: Traces of the Bauhaus Across 100 Years

Dust & Data: Traces of the Bauhaus Across 100 Years

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This publication brings together case studies by scholars from around the world that engage with the history of the Bauhaus as an entangled problem—the multiple historiographies of the Bauhaus and the global history of modernist architecture within which it is located.

The aim of this book is to read Bauhaus objects, documents, and buildings as molecular units of politics and history. Taking these objects as a starting point, it also sets out to plot their complex patterns of circulation and migration and trace forms of connection that are otherwise invisible to architectural history.

Bauhaus history, as this book seeks to show, is indeed a history of migration: of its architects, artists, documents, objects, and, of course, its ideas, as they have scattered across a fragmented world, leading to disputes and sometimes to legal challenges concerning authenticity, physical and intellectual ownership, and copyright.

Texts by Avilés, Anya Bokov, Peter Bernhard, Nicholas de Moncheaux, Marija Dremaite, Christopher T. Green, Hamed Khosravi, Norbert Korrek, Michael Kubo, Jörg Paulus, Alina Payne, Robin Schuldenfrei, Bernhard Siegert, Ines Sonder, Daniel Taliesnik, Georg Vrachliotis, and Anselm Wagner

Edited by Ines Weizman

Designed by Helmut Völter

Published by Spector Books, 2019

Softcover, 630 pages, ca. 300 black-white and color illustrations, 6.75 × 9.5 inches

ISBN: 978-3-95-905230-6

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