• Don't Rest, Narrate

Don't Rest, Narrate

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A book about art, publishing and collaboration

Historically, publishing has been an essential platform for artists to disseminate their works, concepts and aims. It is also—as Norwegian artist Guttorm Guttormsgaard powerfully argued—a paradigmatic model for any form of collective, distributed, discursive production.

Don't rest, narrate is both a resource and an art object. Containing commissioned artworks and new texts, brief studies of key experiments in art and radical publishing, reprints of texts on subjects ranging from collective production to licensing and archiving and a bibliography giving pointers for further reading, the book is designed to inform and to stimulate further discussion and study. Its unusual, non-linear three-section format renders visible and tangible the performative dimension of our interactions with books.

Edited by PRAKSIS founders Nicholas John Jones and Rachel Withers, it features contributions from residents Vika Adutova, Maria Gordana Belić, Eva Funk, Araiz Mesanza, Daniela Müller, Iz Öztat, Gabrielle Paré, and Per Westerlund, as well as Guttorm Guttormsgaard, Hannah Hiaasen, özgür k, Maria Lind, Martin Berner Mathiesen, Ellef Prestsæter, and Eva Weinmayr.

The book is a product of research carried out during PRAKSIS's seventh residency, For a rainy day – Publishing as a site of collectivisation, held in 2017 in collaboration with the publisher Torpedo and designers Eller med a.

Designed by Eller med a

Edited by Nicholas John Jones and Rachel Withers

Published by Torpedo Press, 2021
In English

Softcover, 190 pages, b&w images with 1 spot color, 5.4 × 7.5 inches

ISBN: 978-8-29-310426-1

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