• Documenta 6 / Daniel Rohner & Izet Sheshivari

Documenta 6 / Daniel Rohner & Izet Sheshivari

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A facsimile of the late art book collector Daniel Rohner's diary, recording his visit to Kassel, Germany in late March 1977.

This reproduction sheds light on Rohner's interests and habits. The original pocket-sized diary was discovered by Izet Sheshivari (founder of Boabooks) within the pages of the art journal Kunstforum: Talk show der documenta 6: Stichwortgeber: Georg Jappe (GM608796), and became one of six hundred documents which were reproduced and catalogued by Sheshivari for the exhibition Orphan Papers, held at the Sitterwerk Art Gallery in St Gallen, Switzerland from November 2017 to January 2018. The exhibition highlighted found materials in the Gallery's book collection, the various materials that readers and owners have left behind, knowingly or unknowingly, including personal notes, invitation cards, letters, drawings, clippings, and much more. 

Daniel Rohner (1948-2007) collected art books with an endless passion, and his rabid note-taking played an important role in his collecting. His book collection became part of the Sitterwerk Foundation in 2006.

Published by Boabooks, 2017

Diary text in German, handwritten

Softcover, 32 pages, full color offset, 3.9 × 6.3 inches 

ISBN: 978-2-940409-82-2

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