• Do It, With Love: 100 Creative Essentials

Do It, With Love: 100 Creative Essentials

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Creativity is considered the currency of the post-industrial age, i.e. the very near future. When robots do the work for us and artificial intelligence takes over standardized thinking, new ideas are tomorrow's gold. But what exactly is creativity? And what triggers it?

In this compact volume, celebrated Swiss pianist, composer, conceptual artist, and advertiser Frank Bodin shares a hundred pithy statements meant to prompt creative excellence. After being asked about the secret of creativity over and over, Bodin distilled his experience into a series of creative essentials.

This bound collection makes a great gift for yourself and anyone who appreciates being prompted to think about creativity. As #76 states, "The sky is not the limit." Reach ever higher!

Design by Bertram Schmidt-Friderichs and Bettina Andresen
Typeset by Bettina Andresen and Jessica Uhrig

Published by Verlag Hermann Schmidt, 2018
Sixth edition

Softcover (thread-stitched flex cover), 216 pages, black and red ink, 4.3 × 6.14 inches

ISBN: 978-3-87-439870-1

Looking makes making better.