• Division of Pleasures / Vieceli & Cremers

Division of Pleasures / Vieceli & Cremers

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Joy Division fans, pop culture fanatics, and music-loving designers, take note.

Forty years after the release of Unknown Pleasures, the band’s debut studio album, design studio Vieceli & Cremers presents Division of Pleasures. The album’s cover artwork was designed by artist Peter Saville, using a data plot of signals from a radio pulsar. Taking this image as its theme — one which has since triggered countless interpretations and reprocessings as a globally recognized pop-cultural trope — the book features 136 pages of recreations, installations, modifications, transformations, pre-digital memes, repetitions and differences, and differences in repetition.

With an essay by Jörg Scheller

Published by everyedition, 2019

Softcover, 136 pages, b&w, 5.80 × 8.25 inches

ISBN 978-3-95-248942-0

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