Design/Recherche 2016 (ECAL)


A publication bringing together projects developed for Jonas Berthod's Design/Research course in the Spring of 2016, showcasing the work of second year graphic design BA students studying at Switzerland's Ecole cantonale d'art de Lausanne (ECAL).

The course was an opportunity for students to consider design as a practice that offers an opportunity to generate knowledge. Throughout the class, students were encouraged to explore and deepen a personal interest through critical thinking and research, by raising questions and using tools at their disposal creatively.

The works in this volume trace these research efforts. Entries explore 90s Rave Culture, normcore, experimental printing, social design in an educational context, media theory, the Beats, surveillance, morbidity, the Internet's potential as a democratic space, and other themes drawn from, or responding to, contemporary culture.

Designed by Jonas Berthod

Primarily in French, with some English

124 pages, full color, 8.26 × 11.69 inches