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Design for the New World

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By Ida Engholm

A call for design thinking that centers the planet over human desires.

In recent years, numerous fields have applied design principles to a variety of social challenges. Perhaps none of these are as critical as climate change. Design for the New World offers a paradigm shift in design and design thinking, away from a focus on human scales, needs, and wants. Instead, Ida Engholm advances a perspective that centers on the planet, one in which design aims to create a balanced coexistence between humans and other species.

To develop this new criterion, Engholm connects traditional design thinking with ongoing debates about the Anthropocene as well as innovative perspectives from systems thinking, systemic leadership, and Indigenous practices. She responds to current discussions within design research about the role design can play in the sustainable transition, offering new methods and mindsets to handle the scale and complexity of the environmental crisis.

Design for the New World presents concrete tools to turn theoretical reflections into a transformative practice.

Designed by Troels Faber (NR2154)

Published by Intellect Ltd., 2023

Softcover, 200 pages, 81 color images, 6.69 × 9.61 inches

ISBN: 978-1-78-938718-6

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