• IDEA #377 — The sprout of Japanese graphic design ─ Attitudes of 21 young designers

IDEA #377 — The sprout of Japanese graphic design ─ Attitudes of 21 young designers

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Issue #377of Japan's IDEA magazine focuses on an emerging generation of Japanese graphic designers. Printed on a variety of printing stocks, and utilizing different printing processes and finishes, this volume is an informative and considered addition to any globally minded designer's library.

The issue includes the proceedings of a symposium focused on the concerns and projects of young Japanese graphic designers. Contributors include Yusuke Akai, Hirofumi Abe, Shohei Iida, Tadashi Ueda, Toru Kase, Wataru Kobara, Shun Sasaki, Kenta Shibano, Shunsuke Sugiyama, Tezzo Suzuki, Saki Souda, Mahaya Takara, Kentaro Nakamura, Yuto Hama, Takuya Hirano, Jujiro Maki, Ryu Mieno, Ryuto Miyake, Takahiro Yasuda, Katsunobu Yoshida, and Hideki Yoshimatsu (hydekick).

Also included: a report by Ryan Hageman of Gurafiku on his 2015 exhibition of Japanese graphic design; an introduction to Mobile Talk, a mobile gathering organized by Osaka's OOO Projects and Hong Kong's Milkxhake; an insert, “Typographic Composition,” designed by Shirai Design Studio; “Kurt Hauert: a pillar of the legendary Basel School” by Helmut Schmid — a profile of the Swiss graphic design, educator, and visual artist; “Eugen Nerdiner and Lisa Beck: The type designers/graphic designers/design teachers that graphic design history forgot” by Ian Lynam about the ignored body of work of these two German designers; “Hiroshi Nishino and his time: On Hiroshi Nishino: Philosophy and Design” by Kiyonori Muroga; and additional texts by Kohei Oyama and Scott Joseph along with book and type reviews.

IDEA is Japan's leading graphic design magazine. Each issue offers insight into international and Japanese designers and their work through historical analysis, criticism, and examples of projects. In print since 1953, IDEA is a critical forum for design criticism in Asia. 

Designed by Kensaku Kato, Seigo Kitaoka (LABORATORIES)

Published by Seibundo Shinkosha Co., Ltd.

Bilingual, in Japanese and English

Softcover, 184 pages, 8.9 × 11.75 inches

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