• Contemporary Artist Residencies: Reclaiming Time and Space

Contemporary Artist Residencies: Reclaiming Time and Space

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Collecting together writings from artists, theorists and artist residency facilitators, Contemporary Artist Residencies examines the present role of the residency for artists and the international art ecosystem.

With a range of discussions on the continuously evolving role of residencies in our political and historical moment, this volume also examines residencies’ varied attempts at “reclaiming time and space” for artistic practice while serving as nodes for collaboration, research, and critical thinking—not to mention acting as a crucial and sought-after means of promoting artists’ career development and the international circulation of their work.

Featuring contributions by Livia Alexander, Nathalie Anglès, Helmut Batista, Taru Elfving, Pascal Gielen, Francisco Guevara, Maria Hirvi-Ijäs, Jean-Baptiste Joly, Patricia Jozef, Irmeli Kokko, Donna Lynas, Antti Majava, Vytautas Michelkevicius, Marita Muukkonen, Nina Möntmann, Jenni Nurmenniemi, Bojana Panevska, Alan Quireyns, Florian Schneider, Ivor Stodolsky.

The latest of Valiz’s Antennae series of books designed by Metahaven, Contemporary Artist Residencies helps to fill the surprising gap in the literature about how and why residencies function in today’s art world.

Edited by Taru Elfving, Irmeli Kokko, Pascal Gielen

Designed by Metahaven

Published by Valiz, 2019

Softcover, 272 pages, b&w, 5.5 × 8.25 inches

ISBN: 978-9-49-209546-6

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