• Breakout—100 Posters Book

Breakout—100 Posters Book

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A Compilation of Experimental Typography and Complex Compositions by Cihan Tamti

Starting to build a graphic design practice can be tough, especially while you're a student. German-based designer Cihan Tamti had a clever solution: treat Instagram like a graphic design gym and work on a poster design on a daily basis. Without the constraints of a client, he developed designs with strong, experimental typography and complex compositions that ended up winning competitions and attracting people all over the world.

Breakout—100 Posters Book captures Tamti's passion for experimenting with letters and customizing fonts, as well as his sense for ambitious cutting-edge graphics. The posters includes free and personal work, commissions, exhibition posters, and award-winning selections. Grouped together, the works communicate a core idea at the heart of Tamti's work: that designers can break out and spread their own visual message.

Designed by Cihan Tamti

Published by Slanted Publishers, 2021

Softcover, 128 pages, full color offset, 6.5 × 9.5 inches

ISBN: 978-3-948440-22-0

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