• Bottomless Bag / Na Kim

Bottomless Bag / Na Kim

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Published on the occasion of Bottomless Bag, Na Kim's eponymous 2020 solo exhibition at the Seoul Museum of Art, this book is intended to be a printed companion piece to the show.

Bringing together Oh Eun's poem The Adventures of a Yellow Triangle and the photography of Unreal Studio—which captures the many corners of the exhibition's installation—the catalog endeavors to employ new storytelling devices to unravel the exhibition from unique viewpoints.

To help readers fully understand the exhibition, the show's workbook is also included, containing explanations of each of the artworks as well as views of the exhibition as a whole.

The book concludes with art critic Sungwon Kim's essay, "Na Kim: Graphic Design Fiction," examining the world of Na Kim's works from the perspective of "discovering the aesthetic value that emerges from cross-referencing the realms [of art and design]."

Concept by Na Kim and Minkyung Yoo
Edited by Yumi Kang
Designed by Myungsang Yu

Published by Roma Publications
Printed in a limited edition of 850 copies

Bilingual, in Korean and English

Softcover, 160 pages, color and b&w, 9.2 × 11.9 inches

ISBN: 978-9-49-281179-0

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