• Book Designers From The Netherlands
  • Book Designers From The Netherlands

Book Designers From The Netherlands

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Between 2010 and 2013, Brigitte Schuster interviewed thirteen prominent Dutch book designers, reproduced here along with a wealth of images of the designers and their work, much of which has never before been reproduced.

The conversations offer a fascinating look into the world of book designers who belong to different generations and whose work has been shaped by different experiences. What emerges is an intimate look into the book designing process and the designers themselves. Schuster uncovers the methodology of each designer, from detail-oriented typographers, to those who prefer a more concept-oriented approach; and from the designers who have used the book as a platform to present their own visions, to others who see themselves as craftspeople, lending their skills and artistry to other artists' voices.

Interviewed designers: Joost Grootens, Karen Polder, Ron van Roon, Françoise Berserik, Armand Mevis, Hansje van Halem, Walter Nikkels, Robbert & Oscar Schrover, Caroline de Lint, Bram de Does, Tessa van der Waals, Adriaan de Jonge

With a foreward by Paul van Capelleveen

Designed by Brigitte Schuster

Published by Brigitte Schuster Éditeur, 2014
Printed in an edition of 500 copies

Text in English
256 pages, open sewn spine with multi-colored ribbons, 278 color illustrations, 6.25 × 9.5 inches

ISBN 978-3-033-04259-9

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