• Biography Of A Publishing House

Biography Of A Publishing House

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By Walter van der Star, Jasia Reichardt, and Nick Wadley

In 1948 Stefan and Franciszka Themerson founded the Gaberbocchus Press in London. Over a period of three decades this publishing house produced over 60 titles, and although the couple’s work clearly has roots in the international avant-garde of the interbellum, they maintained a high level of independence in all of their activities. Their publications are characterised by improvised techniques and materials, as well as by experiments with word and image (“not best-sllers, but best-lookers.” Eccentric, original, and expressive of the identity of its contents, each book contains a distinct combination of text, image, design, materials. This volume pays tribute to the rare phenomenon that was Gaberbocchus, and is fully illustrated with book cover designs and layouts.

A wonderful addition to the library of those collecting books about books, book and publishing history, and artists working with the book form.

Designed by Piet Gerards

Published by Huis Clos

Text in Dutch and English

Softcover, 160 pages, color and b&w, 6.75 × 9.10 inches

ISBN: 978-90-79020-42-3

Looking makes making better.