• Back Cover (Issue 5)

Back Cover (Issue 5)

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Back Cover (graphic design, typography, etc.) is a publication focused on thinking and analyzing graphic design and typography’s practices— and to a larger extent, the visual arts.

Featuring Peter Biľak, Richard Hollis, Robin Kinross, Jérôme Saint-Loubert Bié, Norman Potter, Laura Forde, Victor Guégan, Conny Purtill, Paul Renner, and Joël Vacheron

Essays and features include Cornel Windlin's “The Designer as Artist ?” / Meeting Fogelson-Lubliner / Happypets: Audio Tattoos / Jorge Luis Borges, Ficciones (1944) / Futura, the Font of our Time / and Irma Boom, Book Designer

Published by B42
First edition, 2013

English and French
80 pages, full-color offset, 195mm × 280mm

ISBN 9782917855232
ISSN 19645392

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