Back Cover (Issue 4)


Back Cover is a publication focused on thinking and analyzing graphic design and typography practices and their relationship to the visual arts. 

This issue includes: a conversation between Karel Martens and Robin Kinross; Wim Crowel on his discovery of Schiff nach Europa, designed by Karl Gerstner in 1957; the third and last part of the White Night - Before a Manifesto booklet by Metahaven; as well as essays on code publishing in the design process, systematic book design, and a non-nostalgic encounter with modern typography.

Contributors include Catherine de Smet, Robin Kinross, Metahaven, Jost Hochuli, Wim Crouwel, and Roland Früh

Published by B42 
First edition, 2011

English and French 

60 pages, full-color offset, 7.5 × 11 inches

ISBN 9782917855157 

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