• Aiap Women in Design Award (AWDA 1)

Aiap Women in Design Award (AWDA 1)

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In 2012, AIAP (Associazione italiana design della comunicazione visiva — the Italian Association for the development of visual communication) launched the Aiap Women in Design Award (AWDA), a project recognizing the contributions of female visual communication designers. This first volume profiles award-winning projects, presenting the work of 25 designers and 30 projects from the first competition. The projects include works related to teaching visual communication and general pedagogy, typeface design, branding and identity work, as well as projects focused on graphic design research and training. Two special honorable mentions profile the work of Italian graphic designers Anita Klinz (1925-2013) and Lica Covo Steiner (1914-2008). 

With texts by Daniela Piscitelli, a preface and “Walking on Quicksand”; Cinzia Ferrara (“Feminine plural”); Francesco E. Guida (“Garters, pins, and women designers”); Niccolò Mazzoni and Leonardo Sonnoli (“On Anita Klinz”); Luciana Gunetti (“Lica Covo Steiner: designer of contents”); and Laura Moretti (“Aiap Women in Design Award”). 

Designed by Paolo Di Vita

Published by AIAP Editions (Italy), 2018

Bilingual, in Italian and English

Softcover, 212 pages, full color, 6.4 × 9.5 inches

ISBN: 978-88-905839-4-0

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