• Artists as Iconographers

Artists as Iconographers

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For over a century now, iconographer artists have fueled their approach by tapping into the diversity of images produced by others and spread through society by industrial means. This catalogue, first produced following an exhibition program in 2014 and 2015, is dedicated to contemporary artists whose practices are centered on the reuse of existing images.

From collage to the post-internet school, from archival installations to Appropriationist quotation and image constellations, Artists as Iconographers puts these art practices into perspective, focusing on the last forty years, an extraordinarily dynamic period that recently witnessed the invention and development of a new way of disseminating information and images, the internet.

Through theoretical texts, artists' interviews, and exhibition practices, the book maps the connections artists maintain with images and examines emotion as the driving force in our interactions with them.

Includes texts by François Aubart, Ingrid Luquet-Gad, and Jan Verwoert. With interviews by Timothée Chaillou.

This expanded edition includes a booklet by Batia Suter.

Edited by Garance Chabert and Aurélien Mole

Designed by Syndicat

Published by Editions Empire, 2020
Second edition
Bilingual, in English and French

Softcover, 342 pages with 32-page booklet, color and b&w images, 5 × 7.9 inches

ISBN: 979-1-09-599102-1

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