• Another Version: Thinking through Performance

Another Version: Thinking through Performance

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Approaching performance as a method of producing different versions of the self, in Another Version four Dutch collaborators—a performance artist, author and critic, dramaturge and sociopolitical designer—explore technologies and processes of so-called “versioning” (producing different versions of the self) and how to understand the self within this multiplicity.

Another Version: Thinking Through Performing proposes strategies of versioning as a means of attaching gesture, speech or lived experience to research questions or problems.

The publication is comprised of 7 booklets containing games, scores, short stories, images, quotes and reflections that are often products of collaborative practices. Each booklet opens up a particular territory or lens.

By Philippine Hoegen, with contributions from Kristien Van den Brande,  Sebastian Olma, and Miriam Hempel

Designed by Miriam Hempel

Published by Onomatopee Projects, 2020

7 saddle-stitched booklets in a colored paper portfolio, 184 pages (total), 32 b&w images, 6.9 × 8.86 inches

ISBN: 978-9-49-314828-4

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