• Analog Photography, 1930-2000

Analog Photography, 1930-2000

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A compendium of over 300 analog camera package graphics and instruction manual covers from 1930 to 2000, compiled by French publisher Masala Noir.

The collection, which covers over 70 years of graphic design and photographic history, includes packaging associated with film, flashes, other accessories, and the cameras themselves. From well-known brands to others that may be less-known, the array of design choices highlights printing and production technology, indicates typographic and layout trends, and documents design conventions generally associated with 20th century photography.

A terrific resource for designers who love film, film photographers who love design, and anyone with an appreciation for commercial graphics, or interested in the history of design and photography. 

Published by Masala Noir

Softcover, 208 pages, full color, 5.8 × 5.8 inches

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