• Abeceda / Nejc Prah

Abeceda / Nejc Prah

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Abeceda is Slovenian for “alphabet.” In this publication, graphic designer Nejc Prah presents 38 letterforms (and one intentional blank space) to create a compact alphabet reader—from A to Ž.

A short, relevant phrase in Slovenian accompanies each letter. A kot ankaran [A is for Ankaran] instead of “A is for apple.” Humor, geographic specificity, and resonance with the letterform suffuse these statements, creating a playful sequence. Non-Slovenian speakers will appreciate the grace, power, and geometric energy of Prah's idiosyncratic letters and revel in this collection of typographic amusement.

The publication includes “Objects, Shapes, Curves, Lines, and Verbs,” a list of terms for past, present, and future projects compiled by Sean Yendrys, a graphic designer based in Berlin and founder of Montreal's graphic design program A School, A Park.

Published by Draw Down 
First edition, 2018

Softcover, 52 pages, black and white, 4 × 6 inches

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