A Line Which Forms a Volume 4


A Line Which Forms a Volume is a critical reader and symposium of graphic design-led research that is edited, written, designed and published by participants of the MA Graphic Media Design (MAGMD) course at London College of Communication (LCC).

Volume 4 approaches decoloniality by reflecting on the constructed borders of the design canon. We ask, what are the boundaries that graphic design exists within?

This edition of ALWFAV focuses on the possibilities of design practices to move and cross  borders. Looking at the volume as a territory, ALWFAV 4 brings together contributions from Ahmed Ansari, Clara Balaguer, Yu Jiwon, Lucas LaRochelle, Paul Bailey and Tony Credland, and the MA GMD participants.

The aim of the symposium and this volume is to generate new threads of inquiry.

By tilting the dominant axis of direction, the publication embarks upon a journey that goes "out of lines," in an attempt to share, open and expand the conversations around design research.

Contents include conversations with Yu Jiwon, Clara Balaguer, and Lucas LaRochelle, as well as essays and articles: "Cultural Identities as Props, as Backdrops," by Daphne Tsang; "Reskinning Jiangnan," by Yao Qi; "This Swirling Mass of Atoms," by Zhu Yiting; "Speaking Objects: The Multi-Layered Nature of Meaning and Value," by Wu Yihan; "Not Just a Toy," by Lian Yufan; "Advertising Motherhood," by Hong Shanshan; "Hyper Engaged: How Social Media Challenges Direct Behavior Online; "Imagining Otherwise," by Paul Bailey, Tony Credland with Adapt, Evening Class, Haunted Machines and Paul Elliman; "Unstable Complexions: How Long Will I Die Before you Remember Me?" by Riccardo Righi; "Make Ignorance Great Gain (an Open Letter," by Rita Correia Buiça; "White Supremacy & Epistemic Colonialism in Design Discourses, Scholarship and Practice: A Basic Primer," by Ahmed Ansari, and much more.

Edited by Rhys Atkinson, Rachel Jung and Riccardo Righi with assistance from Alex Kim

Art direction by Zhu Yiting
Designed by Yao Qi and Zhu Yiting

Published by MA Graphic Design Media, London College of Communication, 2021

Softcover, 146 pages, 1-color printing, 4.25 × 7 inches

ISSN: 2515-9801

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