A Few Minutes of Design: 52 Activities to Spark Your Creativity


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By Emily Campbell

Even concert pianists do warm-up exercises to limber up the fingers and clear the mind for the performance ahead. Designers are—or should be—no different.

This delightful and colorful card deck presents fifty-two exercises or activities to jump-start your creative juices, free you from creative block, start a new project, or finish an existing one.

Each exercise offers insight into the innumerable small decisions involved in the design. How to join this part to that, how to establish a pattern or continue the series, how to say it without words, what fits, and what doesn't?

These cards benefit established practicing designers or creatives in any field with activities that are sometimes playful, sometimes challenging, but always enlightening.

Published by Princeton Architectural Press, 2018

54 cards in a slipcase, 4.125 × 5.875 inches

ISBN: 978-1-616-89742-0

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