100 days of travellers in red / Akhila Krishnan

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In 2015, London-based artist and video designer Akhila Krishnan embarked on a new project: to document, each day for a hundred days, people wearing red on her commute to work. A red coat, a hat, headphones—anything that was part of their outfit for the day counted.

Collected together and sequenced in this volume, these everyday portraits are an impressionistic record of a hundred travelers on a specific London Overground line (with occasional tube portraits tucked in). Subjects are often sketched in contemplation or in moments of individual reflection—deep in thought, on phones, listening to music, or reading—and occasionally in the company of others. The result is a moving volume of collective human experience, with Krishnan's captions adding color and detail.

Includes introduction by Akhila Krishnan

Self-published, 2016
First edition

Printed by Hato Press
Printed in a limited hand-numbered edition of 100 copies

120 pages, 2-color Risograph, 7.75 × 11 inches

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