Art Book Month 2022 x Draw Down x NYABF 2022

Draw Down is excited to participate remotely in this year’s Art Book Month!

This month of activities, organized by our friends at the Vancouver Art Book Fair, consists of community-organized events supported by VABF and hosted locally in Vancouver, Canada, as well as nationally and internationally by artists, curators, collectives, and institutions who are actively creating and presenting work in this medium.

Draw Down plans to broadcast a series of Instagram Live events at this year’s New York Art Book Fair 2022, which will be held October 13-16 in Manhattan at 548 W 22nd St (on the traditional homelands of the Lenape people).

Taking place in Chelsea, just around the corner from Printed Matter’s bookstore, the NY Art Book Fair (NYABF) is the leading international event for the distribution of artists’ books. Exhibitors include a broad range of artists, collectives, publishers, institutions, galleries, antiquarian booksellers, and distributors. This year’s Fair will feature many of the longstanding exhibitors and programs that have come to define this beloved event while also offering new ways to discover artists’ books and explore the full breadth of the art publishing community.

We hope to showcase some of the amazing exhibitors, our own new titles, and the culture of this amazing international art book fair. We are looking forward to interviewing guests and publisher/neighbors and sharing some on-the-scene reportage.

Draw Down worked on the visual identity for the 2022 NY Art Book Fair, so we’ll also be showcasing some of that work!

If there are tables you’d like to see or publishers you’d like to hear from, DM @drawdownbooks on Instagram with your request.

We hope that the streams will allow those who aren’t physically able to attend to discover new things and experience this year’s NYABF. Attending one many years ago is what led to us starting Draw Down, and we hope that we can celebrate the labor, hard work, and efforts of all involved!

Live streaming as time permits!