• Why Fonts Matter

Why Fonts Matter

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By Sarah Hyndman

Take a look at the experiences and associations typeface evokes.

Fonts have different personalities that can create trust or mistrust, give you confidence, make things seem easier to do or make a product taste better. This volume will help you understand the science behind how fonts influence what you read. They're hidden in plain sight, they trigger memories, associations and multi-sensory experiences in your imagination. You may not believe it, but fonts can change the meanings of words right before your very eyes, alter the taste of your food, evoke emotional responses and reveal their users' personalities.

Graphic designer Sarah Hyndman specializes in exploring how fonts influence us as type consumers; Why Fonts Matter synthesizes Hyndman's 20 years of experience as graphic designer with her typographic research and the findings of experimental psychologists and neuroscientists.

Published by Gingko Press, 2016

Softcover, 144 pages, full color, 7.5 × 8.6 inches

ISBN: 978-1-58-423631-3

Looking makes making better.