• Slanted 36: COEXIST

Slanted 36: COEXIST

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COEXIST—to live or exist together, in peace, at the same time, or in the same place. In 2020 the world changed fundamentally, in a way most had never experienced before. The world ground to a stop, provoking contemplation and new thinking about what life can look like in the 21st century.

In summer 2020 German publishers Slanted initiated a global call for submissions questioning topics such as climate change, political power, human rights, freedom of speech, wars, and many other global issues.

The call said: "Higher, faster, and further at the expense of others cannot point the way to the future. We need to question ourselves, how we want to coexist, show consideration, and take a step back. How do we reconcile ego and common sense? How do we meet poverty where a few have everything? How can we face climate change, political madness, religious wars, and other paradigm shifts? How do we want to live in a society that is politically divided? How do we face government decisions that affect civic freedoms and human rights?"

More than 450 designers, illustrators, photographers, writers and artists from all over the world contributed work based on this prompt, resulting in an extra thick issue (almost 100 pages extra—352 instead of 256 pages).

With introductory texts by Tom Barbereau and Jack Dignam
Cover illustration by Benedikt Luft

Published by Slanted, 2020

Softcover, 352 pages, b&w, 6.3 × 9.5 inches

ISSN: 1867-6510

Looking makes making better.