• Type Matters!

Type Matters!

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By Jim Williams

Once upon a time, only typesetters needed to know about kerning, leading, ligatures and hanging punctuation. Today, however, most people work and/or play on computers, with access to hundreds of fonts. We’d all like our letters, reports and other documents to look as good—and be as readable—as possible.

But what does all the confusing terminology about ink traps, letter spacing and visual centering mean, and what are the rules for good typography?

Type Matters! is a book of tips for everyday use, for all users of typography, from students and professionals to anyone who does any layout design on a computer.

The book is arranged into three chapters: an introduction to the basics of typography; headline and display type; and setting text. Within each chapter there are sections devoted to particular principles or problems, such as selecting the right typeface, leading and the treatment of numbers. Examples show precisely what makes good typography—and, crucially, what doesn’t.

Authoritatively written and designed by a practitioner and teacher of typography, Type Matters! has a beautifully clear layout that reinforces the principles discussed throughout.

Designed by Jim Williams

Published by Merrell Publishers, 2012

Soft flexi binding with ribbon placeholders and an elastic enclosure, 160 pages, 8.75 × 6.75 inches

ISBN: 978-1-8589-4567-5

Looking makes making better.