Bi-Scriptual: Typography and Graphic Design with Multiple Script Systems


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As a result of globalization and increased interaction across countries and cultures, multilingualism is becoming increasingly important all around the world.

As the most important conveyor of information, script is at the center of this development. Designers are increasingly faced with the challenging task of creating advertising posters, signage systems, books or lettering,  that not only combine different languages but bring together two or even more writing systems with varying visual precepts and habits.

This volume includes discussion of the sociocultural premises, technical requirements, and practical considerations of multilingual typography. 

Eight distinct writing systems are presented by specialists, along with illustrations from international designers and studios that demonstrate how to employ multiple script systems for visual communication projects.

A thorough overview of the various possibilities for the booming field of multiscript design and its promise for international communication.

Edited by Ben Wittner, Sascha Thoma, and Timm Hartmann

Published by Niggli, 2018

Hardcover, 320 pages, 300 illustrations,  

ISBN: 978-3-7212-0982-2

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