• All Roads Lead to Roman

All Roads Lead to Roman

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A New Type Family Based on Stroke Variations

Catalog published upon the culmination of French graphic designer Thomas Huot-Marchand's six-week residency as the 2019 Typographer-in-Residence at the Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography [HMCT] at ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California.

Working with HMCT Typography Fellow Carina M. Huynh, Huot-Marchand created the variable font Roman.

This amply illustrated catalog traces Huot-Marchand's research and documents his residency. An interview with Huot-Marchand details his background and interest in typography and touches on the various projects he's worked on, including the typefaces Miniscule, Minérale, and Garaje. Huot-Marchand, who was appointed Director of the ANRT (Atelier National de Recherche Typographique) in 2012, also discusses his approach to type design projects.

A type specimen designed as a flipbook serves as the heart of the publication, supplemented by an essay about Roman by Huot-Marchand; transcribed questions and answers from Huot-Marchand's presentation of Roman to the HMCT community at the end of his residency; and an essay, “Roman: Old and New Traditions,“ by Mr. Keedy. A short bibliography is also included.

Designed by Carina M. Huynh

Published by the Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography, 2020

ISBN: 978-1-73341347-0-1

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