• BU MFA Poster Collection, 2019-22

BU MFA Poster Collection, 2019-22

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Posters serve as a canvas for inquiry, exploration, and interpretation: a tool benefiting both the designer seeking a surface and audiences seeking visual stimulation. A poster communicates many things and takes different shapes. It is a process of form-making, a manifestation of language and culture, a type specimen, a form of protest, or a device for documenting, celebrating or promoting an event.

This book gathers together a collection of posters produced by Boston University MFA Graphic Design students between 2019 and 2022 (a period that covers online, hybrid, and in-person teaching). The posters, generated during a particularly complicated time, celebrate the open-minded, exploratory, and boundless spirit of students. The book also includes interviews with design educators and BU faculty James Grady, Nicholas Rock, Christopher Sleboda, alumni Bella Bennet and Claire Bula, and MFA candidates Hongjie Chen, Annabella Pugliese, and Jialun Wang.

Includes posters by Lauren Albensi, Bella Bennett, Claire Bula, Hongjie Chen, Weiyun Chen, Ziqiao Chen, Yulu Chen, Yingxuan Dan, Crystal Du, Chuck Gonazles, Oliver Hua, Arjun Kumar, Ying Hsuan Lee, Sophie Li, Jiaqin Lian, Chen Luo, Sohini Mukherjee, Sarah Olick, Julian Parikh, Ashwini Patil, Annabella Pugliese, Shuning Ren, Michael Rosenberg, Olivia Sanford, Siddharth Thanganataraja Mani, Farinaz Vilamanesh, Sophia Viviano, Jialun Wang, Wenqing Wang, Ye Wang, and Yizhen Wang.

Designed and edited by Chen Luo and Chuck Gonzales

Published by Body & Forma, 2022

Softcover, 136 pages, full color digital, 6.2 × 9.25 inches

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