• Where Must Design Go Next?
  • Where Must Design Go Next?
  • Where Must Design Go Next?

Where Must Design Go Next?

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Over the last 85 years, the Institute of Design (ID) at Illinois Tech in Chicago, has been a pioneer and preeminent model for design education—as evidence through its three distinct eras: experimentation, systems design, and human-centered design.

Now, as the history of ID has become synonymous with the history of design itself, ID looks ahead (with Jarrett Fuller's help!) and asks, Where must design go next?

While the central theme of ID's fourth and current era is still in development, this book assembles six timely conversations with members of the ID faculty. Distinguished design educators and practitioners, with various expertise and outlooks, talk through the issues framing contemporary design, reveal how ID is thinking through them as a community, and, in the spirit of dialogue and collaboration, offer a blueprint for the next ground-breaking chapter of their field.

With contributions from Weslynne Ashton, Kim Erwin, Tomoko Ichikawa, Matt Mayfield, John Payne, Zach Pino, Ruth Schmidt, Maura Shea, Carlos Teixeira, and Martin Thaler.

Edited and designed by Jarrett Fuller

Published by Oro Editions, 2023

Softcover, 100 pages, 4.5 × 7 inches

ISBN: 978-1-96-185609-7

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