• Uranus / Karel Martens

Uranus / Karel Martens

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This book is an exhibition.

The pages can be arranged in sequence on a wall, creating a site-specific installation of 340 individual images over 21 square meters.

Distributed in a limited edition of 750 copies, Martens invites participation in the transformation of the book as an object and the movement of the exhibition through time and space.

You can use this book as your own statement.

Produced on the occasion of the exhibition Karel Martens: Re-Production at IS A GALLERY in Shanghai, curated by Zhongkai Li.

Designed by Karel & Aagjie Martens

Published by Roma Publications in collaboration with IS A GALLERY, 2021

Softcover, 688 pages, full color, 8.3 × 11.75 inches

ISBN: 978-9-46-446002-5

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