• Intro: Maia Pavey

Intro: Maia Pavey

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Intro (Volume II, Issue III) 

Maia Pavey is a UK-based photographer who studied at Falmouth University.

Pavey's work uses light to make nuanced art, using the contrast between light and dark as integral aspects of her image-making. Believing that photographs can be ambiguous and sometimes untruthful, Pavey positions her pictures to be read in a host of ways and invites viewers to interrogate her work. This second issue of Intro (Volume 3) features a range of her work exploring themes of light, storytelling, history, and investigation.

Intro is a celebration of emerging photographic talent. Each issue explores the work of a single student from Falmouth University and is published by Mayn Creative, a photography and video agency

Interview by Harry Wade

Published by MAYN Creative, 2019

Softcover, 40 pages, full color, 5.45 × 7 inches

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