• Gloss Lamination Sewing binding (라미네이팅 유광 실 제본)

Gloss Lamination Sewing binding (라미네이팅 유광 실 제본)

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A book of sculptures by Korean artist Sukyung Lee, photographed by EH and with a text by Seewon Hyun.

“Sukyung Lee lives in 21st century Seoul, where she takes male-elderly-subjects as objects of close observation and study so as not to tolerate, at face value, the coarse realities of the offline world... In the gallery space, Sukyung Lee's handmade sculptures look to be in a bizarre state of being: half animal and half object, reserved somewhere with care yet lost without an owner or left stranded by their keeper.” 

This high gloss pages in this artist publication from Korea vibrate with formal play and saturated color. 

Edited and designed by Jieun Yang

Published by Press Room, 2017
Printed in a limited edition of 200 copies
Bilingual, text in English and Korean

Softcover in a transparent sleeve, 18 color images, 8.75 × 11.85 inches
With two supplementary text inserts, 16 pages (English) and 12 pages (Korean), b&w, each 3.5 × 5.5 inches

ISBN: 979-1-19-595121-5

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