A Line Which Forms a Volume 5


A Line Which Forms a Volume is a critical reader and symposium of graphic design-led research that is edited, written, designed and published by participants of the MA Graphic Media Design (MAGMD) course at London College of Communication (LCC).

The fifth issue explores acts of leaning and how they interconnect with concepts of care and transparency in the process of making design research public.

With contributions from Bryony Quinn, Intersections of Care, Futuress, and Ramon Tejada, the 5th issue of A Line Which Forms a Volume focuses on diverging forces seeking shared stability and collaboration. When leaning, structural integrity is defied and vulnerability arises. As design practices lean on, with and into a subject (and vice versa) care is shown and exercised for the complexities of contemporary society.

"When we lean on, we build and rely on arguments and ideas from other fields. When we lean with, we form collaborative support-based structures which share stability. When we lean into, we seek common spaces and knowledge, from one position to another."

Edited by Amy Henry, Dasha Lugovkin, Ilaria Golin, Sarah Støle and Victoire Colliou

Designed by Ghia Koussa, Ilaria Golin, Sarah Støle and Reuxn Xin Yao

Published by MA Graphic Design Media, London College of Communication, 2021

Softcover, 162 pages, 1-color printing, 3.8 × 8.25 inches

ISSN: 2515-9801

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