• Peter Hall, A Baker's Dozen: Texts for DesignInquiry Futurespective, 2019—2004

Peter Hall, A Baker's Dozen: Texts for DesignInquiry Futurespective, 2019—2004

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In 2019, the Institute of Contemporary Art at Maine College of Art mounted DesignInquiry: Futurespective, a celebration of DesignInquiry, a non-profit educational organization that explores pressing issues in design and culture. The exhibition was staged as a series of installations that demonstrated how DesignInquiry engages in open-ended extra-disciplinary exchange and traced the organization's activities over more than a decade of existence.

On the occasion of the exhibition, DesignInquiry published a collection of essays by design writer and DI co-founder Peter Hall. Bound together for the first time, the collection proceeds in reverse chronological order. The essays create legible series of texts reflecting on DesignInquiry gatherings and efforts between 2005 and 2018, bringing clarity to the on-going collaborative efforts of DesignInquiry participants and providing insight to others interested in launching similar or sibling efforts.


Introduction: A Few Ingredients
Situated Between humans and non-humans (Rewrite 2018)
On Crossing Out (Rewrite 2018)
The Other Academy: On DesignInquiry’s methodology (Unfrozen 2016)
A Few Thoughts on Uneven Exchange (NoQuo 2015)
Tangible Tweets (Access 2014)
Stretching Time (>> Fast Forward >> 2012)
On the Make: Design(Inquiry) in the time of low budgets and tight deadlines (Eye Magazine, 2011)
Low Tide Gallery (DesignLess, 2009)
Neon Typography (Fail Again, 2008)
From Mainland to Island: An ongoing experiment in participant-driven education and short-term, intensive research as an alternative to the design conference (2005)
Innie or Outie (Print Magazine, 2005)
Truth and Message (2004)
Surfing or Special Effects (Eye Magazine, 2005)

Designed by Margo Halverson

Published by DesignInquiry, 2019

Softcover, 40 pages, saddle-stitched binding, digitally printed, b&w, 6.125 × 11 inches

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