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Dima Komarov

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A quarter-century after the end of Communism, Russian photographer Dima Komarov captures a new generation coming of age in St. Petersburg.

Shot in their natural habitat—city streets, country roads, and in the intimacy of their own rooms—these portraits of Russian youth capture the vibrant energy, humor and attitude of St. Petersburg in the 21st century. As Anastasiia Fedorova points out in her essay, the images of Russia in the West have been shaped by the political context of the last century, with physical and mental walls built during the Cold War.

Dima's work points to a fresh direction, where identity (appearance, gender, sexual orientation) is in flux and images of empathy and understanding counter state narratives. With bruised skin, DIY tattoos, heavy eyelids, and lipstick traces, these young Russians are icons for the future.

With an essay by Anastasiia Fedorova, curator of 2018's exhibition Post-Soviet Visions: Image and Identity in the New Eastern Europe at Calvert 22 Foundation in London

Published by Draw Down
Series Thirty-Two 
First edition, 2018

32 pages, full color, 6.5 × 9.35 inches

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