Plain Paper: Surface


This is the inaugural issue of Plain Paper, an English-language magazine dedicated to a multifaceted exploration of paper, launched and jointly produced by Amsterdam-based paper enthusiasts and graphic designers Esther Krop and Philip Stroomberg. Its theme is “surface,” a tribute to the tangible experience of paper, which is elaborated upon through the varied work of six contributors: Stephan Keppel, Barbarber, Vincent Bijlo, Underware, Cindy Moorman, and Ruth van Beek. Each of their unique works is printed on a different paper and highlights several printing techniques, including offset, silkscreen, braille, and letterpress. A reproduction of the legendary 1960s literary magazine Barbarber is included as well.

Edited and designed by Esther Krop and Philip Stroomberg

Published by De Monsterkamer / Stroomberg

112 pages, full color, 8.25 × 10.63 inches

ISBN 9789082396621

Please note, color covers vary.

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