• Reformed, Newly Formed (2017)

Reformed, Newly Formed (2017)

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A two-volume publication jointly designed by graphic design students in “Newly Formed”—an advanced course in form-making at the Rhode Island School of Design held in the spring of 2017. Two brick-like volume were produced by combining and reconsidering design work and visual experiments generated in the course. The work uses an array of materials, techniques and formats, focusing on image-making, experimental typography, and evocative graphic explorations. Each volume in the set is a dense collection of imagery, shape, form, and graphic explorations organized into discrete chapters by individual designer.

Volume 1/2 contains work by Som Bhatt, Lake Buckley, Cara Buzzell, Jamie Chen, Haejung Choi, Cem Eskinazi, Ji Sun Han, Llewellyn Hensley, Sarah Im, and Bo-Won Keum

Volume 2/2 contains work by Masaya Kochi, May Kodama, Inyoung Kwon, Seo Jung Lee, Drew Litowitz, Jenn Livermore, Ingrid Nelson, Emily Scherer, Eugene So, and Alec Stewart

First edition, 2017

(Volume 1) 624 pages / (Volume 2) 628 pages, 1-color, 4.25 × 7 inches


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