• Content Desert / Mark Price

Content Desert / Mark Price

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1,000,0000 years of broken graphics … load more, know less.

A post-internet object, and a journey through graphic refuse amassed and extruded over several stylized chapters, this book collects the 2-D graphic work of designer and artist Mark Price. The book brings together a multitude of hijacked glyphs, damaged vectors, stolen sentiments, and product mockups reimagined and recontextualized at the moment of content’s obsolescence. The resulting volume of deeply compromised images occupies a liminal space in the world of intelligibility.

Through the transformation of once-was content into high contrast and stylized detritus, Content Desert is an envoy from yesterday to tomorrow, delivering its anti-message through deconstructed forms, abandoned logos, and nonfunctional iconography, operating as though it were reliant on a befuddled and obtuse navigation application.

Content Desert is seemingly without precedent or clear genre. It’s an artwork, graphic anti-novel, brand identity, art book and conceptual object. It’s also a work of dadaist poetry. It cannot be scrolled easily though you should not give up trying.”
— Lee Tusman, artist and curator

Designed by Mark Price

Published by Twenty XX, 2017

Softcover, 460 pages, black and white, 5 × 8 inches

Looking makes making better.