Type Speaks: A Lexicon of Expressive, Emotional, and Symbolic Typefaces


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By Steven Heller and Gail Anderson

Type is the handwriting of the 21st century, lending its expressive voice to the language of all written communication.

Type Speaks is the first book to explore type as a medium that conveys emotions, concepts, and ideas, filled with hundreds of new fonts available through digital foundries. Some exude joy, radiate serenity, or jangle the nerves; some sell or persuade or command or seduce.

More than ever before, a great range of type choices, both conventional and unconventional, is available to graphic design professionals and nonprofessionals alike. In this new world, Type Speaks will be an essential reference for anyone crafting messages in words.

Designed by Anderson Newton Design

Published by ABRAMS, 2021

Hardcover, 464 pages, full color images, 5.7 × 8 inches

ISBN: 978-1-41-973805-0

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