Leave Your Mark: The Pleasure of Writing by Hand


By Monica Dengo

Although handwriting is one of mankind's greatest cultural achievements, written communication today means mostly typing into computers and mobile devices.

However, scientists stress that the brain benefits from writing by hand. Author Monica Dengo, an acclaimed calligrapher and penmanship educator, addresses herself to all those who may not even use pen and paper for their shopping list, but would like to try handwriting (again).

Based on scientifically proven methods for cognitive activities, Leave Your Mark discovers and promotes the creative potential of handwriting—and allows it to put it into practice right away on the pages of the book.

Well-founded and very colorful, inspiring and yet structured: the volume offers the opportunity for readers to express themselves with personal mark making. Leave Your Mark drives home the understanding that handwriting is much more than just the graphic transcription of language, the practice is rooted in a deep original need for expression.

Published by Niggli, 2019

Hardcover, 136 pages, 8.4 × 9.9 inches

ISBN 978-3-72-120998-3

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