Intercultural Design Basics


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Advancing Cultural and Social Awareness Through Design

By Susanne P. Radtke

An intercultural and innovative approach to design education—this book gives intercultural insights when discussing the basic principles of design, typography and color theory.

This must-have guide to intercultural design provides valuable insights into the practices of designers from around the world, including talented designers from Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Intercultural Design Basics is intended to enable readers to pick up key strategy insights that will help them to reimagine the way they think about and approach design.

Learn about various types of global perspectives, societal and cultural differences, and methodologies that will broaden your level of understanding within the field of design.  Prepare to be inspired by the range of different design methods and techniques from successful international designers.

What’s more, for technology-minded readers, the book is partnered with an accompanying app, meaning that you can explore the concepts and approaches in two vastly different ways: visually, through the book or through augmented reality, animations, games, and videos.

Published by BIS Publishers, 2021

Softcover, 256 pages, full color, 7 × 8.5 inches

ISBN: 978-9-06-369604-7

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