• How to Get on with Your Colleagues: A Guide to Better Collaboration

How to Get on with Your Colleagues: A Guide to Better Collaboration

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An essential guide to navigating the complexities of professional relationships in the office

The most difficult aspect of work has nothing to do with profitability or deadlines or competition. It has to do with the immense and beautiful challenges of dealing, on an ongoing basis, with that often amazing but always complicated entity known as the colleague.

Our colleagues can be the sources of our greatest joys and triumphs: they compensate for our weaknesses, enlarge our strengths, and aggregate our energies. However, working successfully around others is neither intuitive nor simple: it requires us to communicate effectively, to understand our own minds and blind spots, to master our emotions, and to see the world from other people's perspectives.

The School of Life has been working with organizations since its foundation, releasing the latent talents of employees and equipping them with the emotional intelligence required to succeed. This book compresses their knowledge into a series of lessons on workplace psychology. The result is this essential guide to more profitable, harmonious, and happier organizations.

Designed by Marcia Mihotich

Edited by Alain de Botton

Published by The School of Life, 2021

Softcover, 160 pages, full color, 6.9 × 5 inches

ISBN: 978-1-91-289115-3

Looking makes making better.