• Signal to Noise Ratio Poster

Signal to Noise Ratio Poster

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In 2011, DesignInquiry: DesignCity (Montréal) participants explored the Ville de Montréal for five nights and six days, sleeping in dorms that were still partially occupied by a nunnery; the group of participants lived, worked and cooked together across the city. In 2006, Montréal, Québec, Canada had been designated by UNESCO as the first and only North American City Of Design. DI's Montréal expedition aimed to explore the city's global disposition and local temperament, specifically assessing whether design qualities were somehow inherent in Montréal’s topographies, its citizens, its outputs?

This fold-out poster, printed on two sides in a single color and produced in 2012, is an outcome of the gathering.

"Signal-to-Noise Ratio is defined as the power ratio between a signal (meaningful information) and background noise (unwanted signal)."

Designed by Melle Hammer

Published by DesignInquiry, 2012

Ships folded: 13 × 9.5 inches
Unfolded dimensions: 26 × 19 inches

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