• The Graphic Design Reader
  • The Graphic Design Reader

The Graphic Design Reader

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The Graphic Design Reader brings together key readings to provide an essential resource for students, researchers, and practitioners in a time when graphic design is continuing to evolve.

Taking as its starting point an exploration of the way in which theory and practice and canons and anti-canons have operated within the discipline, the reader brings together writings by important international design critics, including Wendy Siuyi Wong, Dick Hebdige, April Greiman, and Victor Margolin.

Extracts are structured into clear thematic sections addressing history; education and the profession; type and typography; critical writing and practice; political and social change; changing visual landscapes, and graphic design futures.

Each section has a contextual introduction by the editors outlining key ideas and debates, as well as an annotated guide to further reading and a comprehensive bibliography. Sections include "History of Graphic Design and Graphic Design History," "Education and the Profession," "Type and Typography," "Graphic Design Critical Writing and Practice," "Political & Social Change," "Changing Visual Landscapes," and "Graphic Design Futures."

The Graphic Design Reader features original visual essays that provide a critical platform for understanding and interpreting graphic design practice, as well as a wealth of illustrations accompanying key historical and contemporary texts from the 1920s to the present day.

“A vital intervention in critical writing, design theory, and design practice ... [Which is] brilliantly organized... A detailed and intellectually comprehensive introduction gives both necessary context and contemporary insights.” —Design Observer

Edited by Teal Triggs and Leslie Atzmon

Cover design by Abbie Vickress

Published by Bloomsbury

Softcover, 1000 pages, 360 black and white images, 7.5 × 9.75 inches

ISBN: 978-1-47-253620-4

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