Best Dutch Book Designs 2019


For the 2019 Best Dutch Book Designs competition, a total of 295 entries were assessed for their distinctive qualities by a panel of experts looking for outstanding work in areas such as content, design, picture editing, typography, choice of materials, printing, and binding.

Best Dutch Book Designs 2019 presents a comprehensive overview of the 33 selections made during this difficult yet rewarding process.

The catalogue includes detailed information about each publication, its technical execution, and unique insights into the significant aspects that made each one a cut above the rest.

Designed by Team Thursday

Published by Cpnb (Stichting Collectieve Propaganda van het Nederlandse Boek)
Bilingual, in Dutch and English

Softcover, 72 pages, full color, 9.8 × 13.4 inches

ISBN: 978-9-05-965909-4

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