• Teaching Graphic Design

Teaching Graphic Design

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More Than Sixty Course Syllabi That Bring the New Complexity of Graphic Design to Light

Many graphic designers teach, yet not all graphic designers are teachers.

Teaching is a special skill requiring talent, instinct, passion, and organization. But while talent, instinct, and passion are inherent, organization must be acquired and can usually be found in a syllabus.

Teaching Graphic Design, Second Edition contains syllabi that are for all practicing designers and design educators who want to enhance their teaching skills and learn how experienced instructors and professors teach varied tools and impart the knowledge needed to be a designer in the current environment.

This second edition is revised to include more than thirty new syllabi by a wide range of professional teachers and teaching professionals who address the most current concerns of the graphic design industry, including product, strategic, entrepreneurial, and data design as well as the classic image, type, and layout disciplines. Some of the new syllabi cover such courses as Expressive Typography; Designer as Image Maker; Emerging Media Production; Branding; Corporate Design; Graphic Design and Visual Culture; Impact! Design for Social Change; and many more.

Beginning with first through the fourth year of undergraduate courses and ending with a sampling of graduate school course options, Teaching Graphic Design, Second Edition, is a comprehensive collection of courses for graphic designers of all levels.

Edited by Steven Heller

Designed by Area of Practice (Kevin Brainard & Cybele Grandjean)

Published by Allsworth Press
Second edition, 2017

Softcover, 312 pages, 6 × 8.8 inches

ISBN: 978-1-62153-610-9

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