Shaped by the People: Conversations on Participatory Education


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A publication highlighting educational activity in art and design that subverts the idea that a teacher is the only one that holds valued information and that students are only engaged in receiving that knowledge. In the case of participatory education, there may not be a teacher, but if there is, that person is not assuming a role of authority and instead is facilitating the agency that everyone has to contribute to learning for everyone else involved. This approach often engages participants' knowledge in the education process and builds a reciprocal learning environment.

The book serves as a pedagogical resource for artists, designers, and educators, and is inspired by We Make the Road by Walking: Conversations on Education and Social Change by Myles Horton and Paulo Freire.

Edited by Harrell Fletcher and Molly Sherman

Designed by Molly Sherman

With contributions by Harrell Fletcher and Lisa Jarrett, Molly Sherman and Rosten Woo, Spencer Byrne-Seres and Anna Craycroft, Amanda Leigh Evans and The Living School of Art, Sarah Workneh and Dawn Philip.

Printed by Conveyor Editions, 2019
Printed in a limited edition of 250 copies

Softcover, 150 pages, full color, 6.2 × 8.75 inches

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